Highland Team Newsgram #6

Highland Team Newsletter (May 06, 2004)

Highland Team works with companies to create revenue-enhancing go-to-market strategies and programs to launch and grow business. In this newsletter, we'll share some of the insights and tools we've been using to help our clients succeed in today's environment.

In this issue:

  • Highland Team and Next Step team together to offer joint service-Marketing That Sells
  • Highland Team offers special IDC methodologies to improve partner results
  • It's Hard, Complex, Problematic and Boring, But Pricing is A Core Strategy-- Brian Piersen, President, Media API. Highland Team works with Media API to provide pricing research and strategy consulting to clients.
  • Break the 80/20 Rule of Your Salesforce-how to make all your salesforce top performers
  • Jennifer Berkley of The Insight Advantage provides market and customer research services to Highland Team clients
  • Recent Engagements
  • Highland Team News

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