Deborah Henken to Work with

Deborah Henken will take on a consulting role with She will be helping the company with messaging, a web refresh, business impact case studies, event strategy, and additional marketing tools.

The Encore organization's vision:

  • Creating a community that treats the viewpoints, wisdom and contributions of people of all ages and backgrounds with honor;
  • that brings innovators, visionaries, leaders, practitioners, partners, individuals and colleagues together for learning and seeking common-sense solutions;
  • and where the power of young and old is a source of optimism that together we can create a better future for future generations.

"We believe that older adults are one of society's most undervalued resources. We believe in the need for purpose and connection at every stage of life. We believe society needs new roles for older people to do what they do best - mentor and guide the next generation. And we believe that society works better when the generations to come together in ways that benefit old and young alike."

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