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Blogs from 2019

Build, Buy or Partner? Product Mgmt Challenges

(posted: Mar, 2019)

The critical issue product marketers and managers face is to choose the appropriate product development strategy. Deborah offers some insight in this article.

Blogs from 2017

Channel Chiefs 6: Scorecarding Ecosystem Health

(posted: Dec, 2017)

We frequently talk about our partners collectively as an ecosystem, yet there are many ways to interpret what this means. In this post, we go over how to maintain your ecosystem's health.

Channel Chief Series Pt.5: Number of Partners

(posted: Nov, 2017)

Understanding if you have the right number of channel partners can be a tricky question. This post offers a few key questions that will help you to figure out your optimum partners.

Channel Chiefs 4: Partner On-Board

(posted: Sep, 2017)

Systematic and deliberate onboarding can have long term impact on partner loyalty and productivity. Here's some advice on making partner on-boarding not just work, but enjoyable work.

Channel Chiefs 3: Transforming Channel

(posted: Aug, 2017)

Partner profitability is dependent on a number of factors. In this post we present a detailed examination of the effect of channel strategies on partnership decisions in a digital world.

Channel Chiefs 2: The Right Channel

(posted: Aug, 2017)

The Buyer's journey has changed in the past few years. Has your channel strategy kept up? Have your partners? Here are some tips on how to make sure you are up to date with market channel strategy.

Channel Chiefs 1: Surviving the Future

(posted: Jul, 2017)

No industry is immune to digital disruption. How do you survive in a rapidly changing business environment? This series will look at what you can do to thrive in an uncertain future.

Blogs from 2016

Go-To-Market Strategies: Think Marketing: Singin

(posted: Aug, 2016)

Do your research to better your business!

Go-To-Market Strategies: Arriving at a Marketing

(posted: Jul, 2016)

Start making "plan" more than just a four letter word to you!

Go-to-Market Strategies: Customer Retention

(posted: May, 2016)

How do businesses build customer retention and loyalty?

Go-To-Market Strategies: Eyeing the Competition

(posted: May, 2016)

Everyone has competition, whether it is obvious or not!

Go-To-Market Strategies: Seven Reasons to Re

(posted: Feb, 2016)

Make sure your business is on the right track and you're positioned the most beneficial way!

Go-To-Market Strategies: Product Planning

(posted: Jan, 2016)

Here are seven steps to help walk you through product planning.

Blogs from 2015

Pricing is a Core Strategy

(posted: Nov, 2015)

Pricing models can be tough but with these simple tips, it is made easier.

How to Get Started in Consulting Part III

(posted: Oct, 2015)

Self promotion may be the key to a better business while saving money!

How to Get Started in Consulting Part I

(posted: Aug, 2015)

Is it true that just anyone can consult?

How to Get Started in Consulting Part II

(posted: Jul, 2015)

Five basic tips to help get your business started.

Think Marketing: Get to Know Your Customers

(posted: May, 2015)

Getting to know your customers may be a great way to get to know the market!

Getting to the Top: Getting Unstuck

(posted: Feb, 2015)

Feeling stuck? Get yourself unstuck with this advice!

Go-to-Market Strategies: Pricing

(posted: Jan, 2015)

Pricing your products can seem a little bit alien at first, but fear not!

Blogs from 2014

Go-To-Market Strategies: Break Through

(posted: Nov, 2014)

Believe it or not, customers now have to see your message seven times!

Go-To-Market Strategies: Channel Success

(posted: Oct, 2014)

The success of channels depends on the back end support more than the front end.

Go-to-Market Strategies: Positioning Products

(posted: Jul, 2014)

Create a plan and strategy for your customers wants and needs!

Go-to-Market Strategies: Selecting Markets

(posted: Apr, 2014)

When taking your product to market, it is crucial that you segment the market and identify the target market segments that are the best fit for your product.

All I Really Need is a Brochure

(posted: Apr, 2014)

Brochures could be the gateway to more business!

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